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WWDC 2015 Event

Apr 15 , 2015

What to Expect at Apple's WWDC 2015 Event

If you’re wondering what new exciting products Apple is going to bring to the world, you won’t have wait too long to find out.   On 14 April, Apple announced...

iPhone 6s Plus Model

Apr 14 , 2015

Force Touch Cloud be Exclusive to iPhone 6s Plus

Rumor has it that the next generation of iPhone will use a pressure-sensing technology named Force Touch which only exclusive to iPhone 6s Plus.   According to Taiwa...

Apple iMac Display

Apr 09 , 2015

LG: Apple Will Launch 8K iMac This Year

Apple launched the iMac with Retina 5K display last fall, which is the the sharpest computer that Apple has ever launched to users. But according to the statement from LG Display (...

The Difference Between iPhone 6c and iPhone 5c

Apr 03 , 2015

Leaked Photos about iPhone 6c Rear Housing: A Combination of iPhone 5c and 5s

Recently, there has been uncovered a pair of spy photos about iPhone 6c pink rear housing. We can see from the photos that iPhone 6c rear housing is still made of plastic, which lo...

Battery Technology

Apr 02 , 2015

Apple Needs More New Members for Battery Technology

Battery life of smart phone becomes a focus for apple. Since March, Apple issued several job posting, recruiting talents on the battery life ascension, especially about the iOS mob...

New 12-inch Macbook

Mar 11 , 2015

Only 13.1mm with the New 12-inch MacBook from Apple

The new generation Mac also gets a good concern on Apple New Product Conference. MacBook 12 has 12-inch screen, the thinner body of it with more new functions.   The...

Apple Watch Edition

Mar 10 , 2015

Time for Apple Watch

Well, the secret is out. Apple reveals new details on the Apple Watch on its Monday “Spring Forward”. And here comes the most expensive Apple Watch you can buy. &nbs...

Apple Watch

Mar 03 , 2015

iOS 8.2 Will Be Released and iOS 8.3 Goes Following Closely

As report goes, iOS 8.2 would be released to the public at next week, and the iOS 8.3 may be far behind. And Apple Watch may be launched in April.The related report said that BGR publi...

Apple Apps

Mar 02 , 2015

Size of Applications in Apple Store is up to 4GB

Software used to be calculated in kilobytes (KB), and it has been changed by Apple, who has announced in last Thursday that the upper limit size of apps in Apple Store is expanded ...

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